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    I recently aquired two AT&T Treo 600's. The only branding on the case of the units is the AWS Part number located on the back. My father, who has one of the units, attempted to get a Cingular account on the phone about a week ago. According to the technical support at the Cingular store, he must have an AT&T account prior to the merger between the two companies for them to make such changes to the unit.

    Basically what I am inquiring about is what we can do to get a Cingular account on the phones without any prior accounts with AT&T.
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    After further review, I have updated the software to CNG (formerly AWS). I will contact Cingular and see what we can work out.

    If there is something I am missing, I would still like any help or responses.

    Thank you.
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    The problem, from the sound of it, is that those two 600s were locked to AT&T. The branding on the 600 was definitely subtle, as you've found. So the only thing that will work is an AT&T SIM card--and new service is being issued on Cingular SIMs rather than AT&T ones.

    The updates have no bearing at all on whether a Treo is locked or unlocked.

    Good luck.
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    I bought a used Treo 600 from AT&T, and shifted it to Cingular. But, I had to unlock it first. There is a very nice and free procedure available at - see,26676.0.html
    The procedure is a tad complicated, but quite doable. Good luck.

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