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    What antivirus programs do you (VC members) recommend?
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    for the palm os ? are there such programs?
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    This seems to work from Computer Associates:

    Not really sure what it does exactly or how it protects you, but it does say that it does a scan.

    By the way, CA makes a VERY good FREE anti virus program for windows:

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    I have Norton Antivirus 2000 installed on my desktop computer. I was able to download a program from Symantec's website for my Visor. It installed the antivirus and allows me to scan for viruses whenever I want. Everytime I run a live update on my desktop, it updates the antivirus for my Visor. When I sync, any updates are then installed on my Visor.

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    If I run a desktop antivirus program and all visor programs are downloaded from my desktop wouldn't I be protected?
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    If all of your visor programs are downloaded from your desktop and if your antivirus program is running and checks programs downloaded from the internet, then yes. One concern, though, is accepting programs or other information that is beamed to you from other Visors - you wouldn't have any protection against them. Anyway, as far as I know, there is only one palm OS virus out there.

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    I make it 2 viruses at the last count and multiplying:

    Liberty (

    Phage (

    though there are a couple of variants for each now. Even worse is that Liberty-A often finds its way onto the Palm as a fix for the original Liberty virus (see

    As ever, be safe, be sensible and you'll stand a better chance of protection

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