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    Has anyone tried Toysoft's mp3ringer? If so, how's the stability of the program?
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    I can't speak about the stability of mp3ringer, but I can say that I tested most of the major mp3 ringtone selection programs and handsdown the best one is mRing. My only complaint about it before the last release was that you couldn't control the ring volume with the system volume control buttons, but they fixed that in the most recent release. You set tones by contact, category, and general (known, unknown, blocked, etc...). It has worked flawlessly for me without one reset.
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    I had an issue with mp3ringer 1.6, but no problems since upgrading. You may also want to try PhoneTechnician.
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    I loved mRing's user interface too... but do the side buttons mute the ringer when it rings? It didn't when I tried the trial version, and it's a very important feature for me. Cheers.
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    The last trial version of mRing I checked out would substantially slow down my treo after it rang. It was gobbling up tons of hede.

    Has this changed?

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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