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    Its a pain to go to "Card 1" everytime i want to launch a application from my SD card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kev1000000
    Its a pain to go to "Card 1" everytime i want to launch a application from my SD card.
    I use Launcher X and have a specific tab for the card, but all other apps are in their proper categories whether on the card or not...
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    ZLauncher can show apps. on your card in any of it's category / tabs.
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    Powerrun creates shortcuts that will show up in the all category
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    I tried ZLauncher, but none of the skins i have tried support the signal strength bar.

    Any recommendations for skins?
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    Are you sure the skins you have don't support the signal strength bar? You have to go to ZLauncher's Prefs. menu -> Top/Bottom bar configuration, then tap and hold anywhere on the top or bottom bar that you want to add the signal strenght icon to, then the menu should come up with different items you can put where you tapped. The signal strenght indicator should be one of the options.

    I'm trying to attach some themes right now, but I keep getting an error after I choose the file to upload.
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    If you still find that your skin doesn't have signal strength go here:
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    Ok, i've got the tower icon thing to show in a theme, but it keeps saying "no signal" ??

    When i go to the phone app, i have 4 bars!
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    Try a soft reset.
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    i have, multiple times =(

    Im using version 5.00 and a Treo 650 btw.

    In every skin that supports the signal strength bar, it keep saying "no signal"
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    I'm running v 5.32, but 5 should work. Do all the other indicators work?
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    Yep, can i install 5.32 over 5.00?
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    BTW, what service do you have?
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    it works now with 5.32, thanks hoovs!
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    Quick question, is the signal strength still very inaccurate, or has it been improved?
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    Mine seems to read a bit high but its in the general ball park.
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    Do you know how to create shortcuts for the apps on your card?
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    Yep, i love that feature!!
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    any other cool tidbits i might have missed?

    Its a pretty intimidating program
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