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    I'm using Chatter for POP3 access. Don't have IMAP or I would do that...

    My question is I've tried Snapper and know how it "fetches" - Treo lights up, connects, etc... but with Chatter it works in the "background" - I only notice it when there is a message... Cool stuff - BUT - when in the background does Chatter cause my data connection to what I call "Go Green" (verizon) where I can't receive calls? And if so, how often does it do this? I'm concerned about missing calls...

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    The CDMA Treo's can't receive data and voice at the same time. You will lose calls when using Chatter or Snapper in exactly the same way - when data is actively being transferred. Background status has nothing to do with it.

    SO the answer is that you're at risk of losing calls whenever a sync is happening (fortunately, Chatter is pretty fast).

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    Yeah, I love that Chatter is so fast! I got a great tip from another user about how to set the hard button to do a quick sync. I missed that button on the bottom of the screen like Snapper has or Versamail has called "Get" or "Send Receive" --

    What does "No Doze" mean in the prefs - I didn't see that in the manual...

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    You shouldn't use "No Doze" - it was a workaround for SSL users that didn't have MatrixSSL and it's pretty much obsolete at this point.


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