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    During last CNG ROM upgrade, as usual, I had to hard reset and reinstall. This time however using BUB VHS Pro to restore from SD card didn't work so I did all from scratch. Though I have restored all programs from scratch, I have NOT used PowerRun nor the Dataviz tech tool to move anything to the SD card.

    IU plan on wiping the SD card to start "fresh". Question is do any programs sense the presence of the card and put things there by themselves. AFter installing all the programs from scratch I was wondering if any may have seen old crap n the SD card and decided that that must be where Jack wants them.

    PowerRun shows card having no programs or anything on it though it does say I have 5.8 MB free internal and 95.9 free on the 128 SD cad.

    FileZ shows:

    Audio Directory
    --1 file
    DCIM Directory
    --5 movie files


    Palm Directory
    ----User Name Directory
    ------Archive Directory [empty]

    --------[what assume is old BUB VFS Pro backup files]
    ------Data Directory [empty]
    ------Launcher Directory
    --------Bunch of e-reader books

    --------TreoAlarm db's
    --------Some PDF files
    ----Programs Directory
    ------BBVFS [empty]

    --------Various pdb files

    --------Various City pdb files

    ---------[whole program list - looks like SD images from pre hard reset, since reinstalled in internal memory and not yet move dhere]
    ------Snap [empty]
    ------SoundRec [empty]
    ------VFS Mark [empty]

    So manual delete plan is:

    Blue = Leave alone
    Green = Delete
    Red = ????

    Suggestions, advice ?

    This is a pre TomTom cleanup. Keeping existing 128 MB SD card for programs and new 2 Gigger for TomTom Maps.
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