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    If I rename a username in the desktop will it:

    1) still save all my data in the renamed folder (Im assuming it renames the folder as well??)

    2) rename the unit that Ive renamed that new name to?

    3) If I have it set up on 2 PC's should I rename the user name in that desktop BEFORE I sync to that 2nd PC?

    4) Is it safe? hahaha
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    Not 100% sure, but if this were me trying what I'd do is is make the name change and raname the backup folder anyway just for safety sake. As far as #2 I'm pretty sure it won't rename your device you'll need to either wipe and start again or get a preferences editor and change I think palmcommander is your only viable option for this. I actually just used PC lst night to edit my prefs and add a username before a hotsync occurred... what a joy that was.... I'd recommend a wipe and clean start, always good too for cleaning the junk off and cleaning out the prefs file.


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