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    If you select SMS Always on in Verichat do you appear as online to your buddies (AIM) even if your data connection is off? Can you still receive that IM when you are on the phone? Does it come as an SMS or does it come through Verichat?

    I've been using in Data mode, but it seems every few minutes that the data connection goes "green" and if a call comes in it goes to voicemail. Is it refreshing the buddy list? Can you set how often that happens...?

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    Yes, if you have a SMS plan with your provider, i suggest using that feature.

    It will be delivered as an SMS when you are in Standby MOde.

    You will be shown as 'Always On' to your friends
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    Do you have to do anything special to set that up or just do the "reconfig" in the options menu?

    When you close Verichat do you disconnect your data connection manually so its not in the background? will that show you as offline to buddies?

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    Ok - I reconfigured it to SMS, got the confirm on the sms address. I signed out of Verichat and disconnected my data connection but I am showing offline to my other computer...

    I just now got an IM from someone and it came through, but I am showing "offline" on my other computer... what am I doing wrong?

    If you are in "Always on SMS" does the data connection ever "go green" so calls will go to vmail or is that just with data?

    I need to stay visible as "on".. but want to use SMS --
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    When you use the SMS always on, what happens is you log into Verichat servers and that is where you appear online from, or at least that is how it is to work. When you exit the program Verichat in their systems keeps you online, and every so often updates your contact list, and if you get a message they send it out to your phone via a txt message that you recieve and gives you the option to open up Verichat and talk, and when you do that your data connection will resume to the point where you get no calls. When the light on the Treo is blinking you can recieve calls, if it is steady amber, at least with my Verizon 650, you are transferring data and unable to recieve calls. I use the SMS sometimes and the data sometimes, but I have a second phone to get calls on.
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    I use SMS 'always on'(well, whenever I use VeriChat I do), and I always show up as online to my friends. Actually, a few of them have asked me things like "You never leave your computer do you?"
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    My wife is always telling me I show as "offline" even with "Always On" and "SMS" enabled.. I do sometimes show up online in SMS mode, as I sometimes get VeriChat messages via SMS (data is offline). But usually I show up online after I launch VeriChat again.

    Anyone else seen this? I don't get why this is happening. When I launch VeriChat it goes online, when I exit Verichat (home key) when i press the Power button, VeriChat drops the data connection. At this point my IM's should be left online and receive messages via SMS, right? Just checking to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong.

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