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    OK, I have read many threads regarding this issue, and I have a question for anyone who has been through it. My phone developed an issue yesterday that hundreds of others have gone through in the past months. On incoming calls, I get the two buttons (Answer / Ignore) but cannot answer the call. If I make a call, 90% or more of the time it hangs for 5-10 secs then drops back to the dialpad or resets. In both cases (inbound or outbound calls) it briefly flashes NO SERVICE, though the antenna icon still shows 3 or 4 bars of strength.

    This IS a battery problem, and that much has been confirmed. I believe it because if I'm on AC or DC power, the phone works 100%, every time. Also, my battery isn't charging past 95% after a full 12 hours of charging. Since both problems started the same day, and it works perfectly when plugged in to power, I'm sold on the cause...

    Here's my question... over 100 posts talk about replacing the internal battery from I found a company selling the EXTERNAL battery... isn't this an easier solution, or will it not solve the problem because the internal battery still won't be a "good" battery?
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    I would assume that an external batery would solve your problem, but you would gain bulk and would be hosed if you lose the connection to the external battery. Also, you haven't mentioned if the external battery uses the same charger or something different.

    I was a tad fearful about opening up my Treo, but it was a breeze; the hardest problem I ran into was remembering where to put the piece of rubber that keeps the stylus snug.

    I'd opt for an internal battery as it doesn't add to the size of the phone and you don't need any extra connections.

    My two cents; YMMV.
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    Yeah, I didn't specify, and probably should in case anyone has used the same type of solution. The item I'm looking at is basically a sled... it is 1/2" thick and slides over the bottom of the phone and around the back. It's a 1200 mAh sled battery. The bottom piece that wraps around plugs into the connector on the bottom of the T600 and has a pass-through connector so you don't have to remove it to charge / synch.

    Basically, I understand the extra size and I realize it's meant to INCREASE the runtime of the phone assuming the internal is still ok, just not long enough runtime... but I'm wondering... would the phone still encounter the NO SERVICE problem because the internal battery gets looked at first or something... Don't want to waste money, that's all. Well, plus it's easier than risking taking the phone apart.
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    A generic internal battery for the 600 usually has a 1500 to 1800mAh capacity, so whatever the external will cost you, it won't last anywhere near as long as an internal. I don't know if the NO SERVICE problem depends on the state of the internal battery.

    You indicated that it works fine when sitting on the charger, so *technically* the external battery is acting as a charger and the problem should go away. How much is the external battery going to cost, compared to a generic replacement off eBay?

    Seriously, taking the phone apart is not hard at all. If you have a friend who is even remotely gadget-oriented, they can probably do it for you. I took mine apart, re-seated the battery cable, wrapped it in foil, put the rubber stopper back in its place, and had it closed up again in under 20 minutes, and I took my time.

    NOTE: make sure you sync your Treo before opening it up; removing the battery will lobotomize the phone temporarily.
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    Thanks again for the reply, and it's a valid point about the external acting like a charger... I may order and try it after a few more people respond. It retails for $39, but I work for a company that happens to use this place as a supplier for lots of other stuff, so MY cost would be closer to $15 or $20.
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    Yes, the external battery will solve your "No Service" woes. I've been operating like this for over a year now. The drawbacks are the added bulk, having to remove the sled battery to do a hard reset, and impairment of the microphone. The sled battery blocks enough of the microphone that I often get complaints from the person I'm talking to that they can't hear me. I almost exclusively use a headset now because of that.

    My $.02: the internal battery replacement is a better idea. The external battery lasts about as long as the standard internal battery but the bulk really does start to play a huge factor in day to day use of the phone. The weight is one problem but it's like talking on those old Motorola brick flip phones. Forget carrying your phone in your pants pocket unless you carry a shoehorn and just like unexpectedly mooning strangers.
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    Hey, thanks very much for that info. I typically use headset only anyway, so the microphone isn't much of an issue for me, but I do also use the speakerphone quite often... may be a bit problematic. I also LOVE my case, and if this bulks the phone too much, I may have had to switch cases. I actually ordered the sled a couple days back, figuring if it didn't work out I'd simply return or sell it. Ironically, yesterday, the phone started working perfectly again, mere hours after I also ordered an internal battery (w/ screwdriver, directions and all) It's funny, because for 4 days, the battery would not charge to over 97% even with 24 hours of charging, and after 20 min. of use, it would be back to 30-40% w/ NO SERVICE issues. All of a sudden, 100% charged, slow drain, just like old times. But I'll probably replace the internal anyway.

    Thanks for the help!
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    It's very weird what has ocurred with my phone over the past week, but I wanted to share in case it helps anyone else. Two weeks or so back I started getting the dreaded NO SERVICE issue on my Treo 600. If I tried to answer an incoming call or make an outgoing call, and I wasn't plugged in to AC or DC power, the phone would hang briefly, then say NO SERVICE. It's a known problem now and has to do with an aging battery. Also consistent with the problem people report that their batteries stop fully charging, and the NO SERVICE problem occurs because the battery is drained to a point where the phone needs more power than it can supply for a short burst of time.

    What is very weird with my situation is that, while the symptoms are EXACTLY like everyone else describes, my phone started functioning perfectly again a few days ago. It's probably because I went and ordered a new internal battery, but I didn't install it yet, and all of a sudden, my battery charges to 100% and I haven't had a NO SERVICE or a hang in a full week now. Not sure why, but something hardware based was certainly the cause, and now it's fine.
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    You know I had a similar problem like you described, except that my battery would charge to 100%. After walking through tech support with Verizon, doing a hard reset, and not syncing for a few days, the problem went away. Then weeks later, the problem reappeared. I repeated what the tech said last time, and it went away. The day after that second occurence, my phone did a hard reset on it's own. On that same day, the spacebar on my phone went flat (no more bounce), so I called tech support again and they replaced the phone (still under warranty) for the spacebar problem.
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    tc, I have had this "battery" problem from time to time and it turned out each time that I was able to resolve it by reseating the little connector cable between the battery and the motherboard. This is the same cable that the tinfoil solution is applied to...

    It seems that this connector can become partially dislodged for whatever reason and in your case perhaps it became reseated due to a sudden jarring?

    I just noticed that Hotbranch mentioned this back in post#4...

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