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    I thought Palm was going to bring BlackBerry's push e-mail to T650s. When ?
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    Snappermail + TreoHelper + SMS Trigger.
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    The SMS Trigger isn't really push, but it's close... BTW, in addition to true push, Chatter has SMS-triggered pseudo-push in the program itself (no need for a "helper" app).

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    Quote Originally Posted by cesium1024
    Snappermail + TreoHelper + SMS Trigger.
    I second this, been using it for some time and it works beatifully. The nice thing about this setup is no need to an email app running 24/7 in the background. I've had no adverse affects using this method. I have though seen several post on here from people claiming chatter+push= dead treo battery.... I can't verify this as I've never used chatter for more than a few moments when testing.

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    turbosteve - Push doesn't necessarily use ANY more battery than checking on a schedule; it's very depending on the setup (how many mailboxes, how often mail comes in, etc.) and the phone (GSM vs CDMA).

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    Marc's right, however, with an SMS pseudo-push using TreoHelper there is no active/inactive polling of the server. With true push you have to maintain a session with the IMAP server that supports IDLE.

    With SMS + TreoHelper you actually conserve battery because you're only checking/polling when new mail arrives. Coupled with the recent addition of Snappermail's background notification (on the phone application) I use it and have configured Treohelper to only activate Snappermail when the phone is idle/asleep.
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    I understand; Chatter has SMS pseudo-push also (though it doesn't require an extra app).

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    So what was the fuss about Treos using RIMs technology ?
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    Well, Chatter does push of IMAP mail, whereas BB (or Good) does push of Microsoft Exchange mail; most corporate users can't use IMAP, but can use BB, although IMAP is an option on all Exchange servers.

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    How come no one mentions Seven Inc's products?
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    Aprasad, no one mentions much cause they don't bother to read <-sucks but still does it. DON'T use it!

    RIM was smart to negotiate with Palm whilst this lawsuit was pending...It keeps them alive in the best possible way.

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