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    I have 2 different businesses and a lot of work at home as well. Is there a nice software to separate all my contacts, todos, etc.. for each of them.
    Something that I can switch easily between them.
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    Another issue is the outlook synchronization. Is there a way to separate these in Outlook as well ?
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    On my Treo, I put them in separate groups, so if I only want to see my work contacts, I pick that category.
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    And with Pocket Mirror Pro XT you can have those Catagories sync to folders under Contacts in Outlook
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    Thanks guys. But I am more looking like something that I do not need to deal with categories or folders. Like one Business button on the launcher and everything becomes only business related.
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    Used to be something called multibook, IIRC, that did this back when I used PalmVx. I have heard PocketMirror mentioned. Now I just combine them as I only have about 1500 contacts.

    As for e-mail.....I have 3 separate accounts business / personal / professional
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