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    I see that the chatter alarm entry is spaced out further than the 10 or so seconds you had it on for us offliners. Thanks, that was a real bugger. Should help with overall performance on my treo.

    Prob: I think the small font is no longer working.

    Issue since forever: I think the option "Disconnect if All Mailboxes Offline" is too limited. Obviously, I don't need the always connected craziness of online mode, but If I am connected, I don't want it to disconnect just because I received an email. Very annoying if I get an email while I'm on the internet. How about "Ignore Connected State if All Mailboxes Offline"?

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    Another question ... I know that Chatter has a built-in delay (10 seconds?) before commands such as moves/deletes are sent to the server. Is the length of that delay configurable at all, like with an undocumented console command? I am fairly confident in my deletes/moves etc so could stand to shorten the delay, if such a means exists.


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