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    Anybody run across this one? When I received my first incoming call while on a current call, the new call just swaps itself with the current call even though I don't have auto answer enable. Then, after I terminated the calls using the "Hang Up All" on-screen button, now all calls I make or receive show the "Hang Up All" button rather than the standard "Hang Up". And, all calls coming in while I'm on a call, swap themselves with the current call.

    I'm dreading a hard reset. Don't want to lose my favorite buttons.

    Any suggestions?

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    Tab, sorry, never ran across that issue before. As for the reset, I wouldn't worry about it to much.

    If you have a backup program, like BackupBuddyVFS or BackupMan, use that to backup your phone to an SD card. Once you have the backup done, reset the phone, and then once you have added all your programs back on to the phone, you can replace things like your Phone Favorites DB or Blazer Bookmarks or pTunes Internet Audio. It is really quite easy and doesn't make the hard reset so scary. Good Luck!
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    Thanks, Jester.
    So I installed the backup program (buddy) and backed up to an SD card. Did the hard reset and still have the same problem. Though I have to say that doing the restore was kinda neat!
    I'm thinkin' it's an Earthlink firmware glitchy thimng.Anyone know of an Earthlink firmware upgrade of some kind?

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    I just started getting the "hang up all" on my screen, but it happens on every single inbound or outbound call attempt, with or without call waiting... Data and SMS works great. This issue is very frustrating as it renders my phone useless.

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