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    howdy -
    New user here and I was about to ask a question about this issue but JUST figured it out and want to share with other Verizon 650 users (not sure what other carriers offer that is similar, so this may or may not apply)...

    If you are using their Wireless Synch and also the Palm Desktop, you may get a 'synchronization failed' in your Hot Sync log and not getting proper updates in your Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. The last entry in the log is likely "Wireless Synch has disabled PIM synch in Advanced Connection Settings".

    To change this so synching b/n your 650 and Desktop is re-enabled, you'll need to do some digging on the 650, go to:
    Wireless Sync/Settings Setup/Connection Settings/Advanced Settings/ and then check the box for "Enable other sync apps"/ then "OK"

    This should do the trick and hopefully save some frustration...
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    Thank you so much for this posting! I am a new Verizon 650 user and had the same synch errors with my calendar,contacts, and task on every HotSync. After spending a week with Palm tech support they couldn't fix the problem and then my cousin directed me to this posting.

    Other users: beware Verizon Wireless Sync!!!
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    glad I could help. Good luck!

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