I went from the treo 600 to the 650. My 600 used to sync photos and notes, however my 650 dosen't sync photos. Is there any way to get this to work, or any 3rd party software which is good for syncronizing the 650 with outlook ?

as well, versamail isnt working too much for me. I can not get it set up properly with outlook or palm desktop (I travel quite a bit with my laptop and use various connections). Trying to set up outlook to mail out with the various connections (requiring different smtp's) isn't working. Further, versamail will not work period on my desktop, and on the handheld it will not properly sync the mesages (keeps returning deleted messages.. which I am aware that it is a problem currently existing with versamail). Which e-mail app can I use on the 650 to work properly. As well, is there a way to send out e-mails from my laptop via my 650, say when im in an area with no internet connection but have a signal (currently have a sony ericson card, but if I can use the phone to get rid of it, would be that much better).