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    The 3g network on Cingular is really small. Right now they are only testing it in certain markets, basically picking up where AT&T left off before Cingular bought them. The current Treo does NOT support 3g however I hear that the next treo will. The 3g sim really will not give you any advantage until the 3g is fully rolled out. 3g for Cingular should be kicking off sometime in June/july to the public and IMO it will blow Verizon out of the water.
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    I was AT&T before the Cingular merger, so I am on the Blue side. When I log in to my account, here are the plan prices I see:
    Package Monthly Cost Included MB Overage Rate
    Mini $2.99 0 MB $0.02 per KB
    Mega $7.99 1 MB $0.01 per KB
    Max $12.99 4 MB $0.008 per KB
    Ultra $17.99 8 MB $0.006 per KB
    Unlimited $24.99 Unlimited* N/A

    This is labeled mMode plans. I would switch over to the Orange side but I got this account through a previous employer and Cingular cannot touch the deal I am getting on my Blue side account ($39.99 1000 anytime minutes + $9.99 to add my wife's line).
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    Quote Originally Posted by eimajuno
    The 3g network on Cingular is really small. Right now they are only testing it in certain markets, basically picking up where AT&T left off before Cingular bought them..
    Cingular's UTMS HDSPA3.6 was demonstrated at Las Vegas last month at the CES. The best article I saw coming out of the show on the topic said this:

    EVDO = full coverage in 60 markets
    UTMS = full coverage in 20 markets

    I don't know how they measure "full coverage" as it's obviously different than what the carrier marketing peeps are saying. Verizon says they have 150 - 180 markets and why the pundits chop that down I have no idea. Maybe to the carriers, coverage means say xx % of the "municipal" boundary and the trade press wants 95% to give it credit.

    UTMS was "tested" in Atlant in 2004. The original plan was to roll out HDSPA 1.8 upgrade this year. Instead Cingular is alreday rolling out HDSPA 1.8 now at the same time as the do the hardware upgrade. So the first thing many places will see will be the 3.6 and they'll skip right ver the 1.8.

    In essence, 1.8 means peak 1.8 Mbps and an average of 1.0 Mbps, or about the ame as Verizon's edge service. 3.6 goes up to 3.6 peak and 2.0 average.

    The EVDO capable Treo hit the market about the time Verizon hit the 50 markets mark. I expected on this yard stick that we wouldn't see a GSM Treo till early 3rd quarter. However with the nes that we won't see any Treos till July, I expect we are talking late 3rd or 4th quarter....wouldn't be surprise dif it winds up on many X-Mas lists.

    My hope is that it is the GSM Hollywood smaller form factor w/ no antenna. On the + side, the later it hists the streets, the more likely the feature list will be expanded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mosco
    Cingular supports 3G? I didn't know this, but I think the treo 650 is EDGE only anyway as far as I know. 3G is faster/different technology than EDGE no?
    3G does not = EDGE. 3G is a name for broadband mobile. Check out the PC magazine article by Sascha here,1895,1770717,00.asp

    Many peeps jokingly refer to EDGE as 2.5 G since it is th slowest of the 3G alternatives. But EDGE is 3G, EVDO is 3G, UTMS is 3G.

    Cingular supports EDGE on the 650. Cingular also supports UTMS and it's software upgrades HDSPA1.8 and HDSPA3.6....all are 3G.

    Here's a summary of 3G alternatives download speeds:

    EDGE(class10) - Avg 120 kbps
    UTMS - Avg 299 kpbs
    EVDO - Avg 900 kbps
    HDSPA1.8 - Avg 1000kbps
    HDSPA3.6 - Avg 2000 kbps

    Oddly enough, all are considered 3G networks. EVDO has about 3 times the coverage of HDSPA at present.
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    Quote Originally Posted by choekstr View Post
    Anyone happen to know if the lack of VPN would affect a Goodlink user? Technically I get my email via goodlink's push technology from a corporate server inside our private network but I have never setup a VPN per se. Anyone have any thoughts on this and if I could downgrade to the MediaNet Unlimited?
    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy View Post
    There is no VPN necessary for GoodLink. GoodLink provides the security/encryption.
    Is it possible to use the MediaNet plan and have access to GoodLink? I am currently using XpressMail, but would rather use GoodLink, but don't want to pay the monthly price of the GoodLink Data Plan.
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