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    I've been reading a lot of threads about T650 vs iPod. I am thinking about crossing over to the Podside since my headphone jack crapped out on me the other day, and I've been hearing a lot of the same from others on the board. What I dont like about the T650 is the fact that I can take it to the gym. I can't put in my pocket b/c it would just fall out when Im on the bench doing declines, or leg exercises, etc etc.

    Has anyone found a dedicated armband case for the T650, or another armband case that can be turned into a makeshift armband case to fit the T650?

    That would solve my problems...if I decide not to get an iPod, but the temptation of getting a Pod is overwhelming. I've been drooling over my wife's iPod Nano. I think I may permanetely borrow it.
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    brilliant. I would buy it.
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