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    I had just bought a 2 gb SD Card for my Treo 600. I was loading MP3s onto the card. After 1 gb, I was unable to move files over. I then tried pictures and still nothing.. I put the card into the 600 and I still have HALF of the card left for memory.

    The error I would get is invalid directory, or similar to that. Also, IF I deleted a few MP3s, I THEN could add more. Seems if I meet the cap, but the "Card Info" on the Treo does not agree with that assumption..

    Does anyone know why??

    I have NOT formatted, did not think I needed to since the card IS recognized by Treo. Also, I used a card reader to move the files onto the card...

    Card Reader and Card are both Lexar...
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    there is a limit to # of files in root directory... files need to go in /audio directory (or another of your choice)

    And if you want to complain... tell Microsoft. It's a limitation of the FATFS file system.
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