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    1.0 (1st full release)
    - moved the password dialog to cover all display and extract options
    - made password dialog larger and added multi-line fields
    - Content (if included in file) is extracted and can be accessed from the Info window
    - Invers video mode added
    - moved some more stuff into storage
    - "Find" can be interrupted (tap the small progress bar)
    - Render mode can be switched in Info window
    - faster rendering, text extraction of current page are delayed until a "find" is called
    - Image decoding is skipped if only a small amount of memory will be free after it
    - Rendering can be interrupted (tap the small progress bar)
    - bug fix: auto scroll working again
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    Thanks for the headup..
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    A regular install of PalmPDF installs 500 KB of fonts to the SD card. You can also move the renderer to the card using the Menu options in PalmPDF

    Question 1: Once you have moved the renderer to the card, how do you get it back off the card onto the RAM?

    Question 2: If everything but the stub is moved to the card, does everything get deleted if you ininstall PalmPDF using the usual Menu-Delete methof on Applications launcher?

    Question 3: What is the best wy of upgrading if most of the application is on the card? Just installing the new version on top of the old one and moving that to the card?

    Metaview has a support forum, but I am too lazy to register there. I'm hoping someone here knows the answers or can post these there ..

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    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    Here is what I did:

    I deleted the app normally. Then I went to my SD card and deleted all of the files there. Then I installed the new version. Then I executed the "move to card" thingie.

    Everything is working fine.

    Good luck!
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    How much free RAM do you need on the phone? I tried running a prior version, from the card, and it would not launch saying my 650 was too full (big dinner that night and all).
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    Version 1.0 works great for me. Rendering is fairly fast and images and text look great. The default 65% view was way too small for me - switched to 125% and everything was readable.

    The foot print is really small - <90k when you move everything to a card. It integrates flawlessly with Snapper. So far, it seems stable, but I have not pushed it.

    A great free alternative to an otherwise empty update to Docs-to-Go.

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