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    I have a Treo 650 running Verichat 2.86 b (not Premium) on Earthlink (Sprint's CDMA network). I used to run Verichat on my 600/Sprint with no problems, but when I got my 650 last month, I upgraded to a newer version of Verichat and have been having problems ever since.

    Whenever I get a message, if I'm not currently in the Verichat application, I get duplicates of every message. In other words, every incoming message arrives twice.

    I have always-on set to "Use Data Connection", and I suspect this has something to do with it. When I had my 600 I used always-on with SMS. I no longer have unlimited SMS, but I do have unlimited data, so I thought the always-on over data would be a better option.

    Anyone know?

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    Won't always-on over data mean that you never receive a phone call?

    Anyway, my guess is a problem with the server.
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    You can still receive phone calls when you are not "live" with the data. It runs in the background.

    I read in the manual where if you use Verichat with SMS config that you'll still get IMs when on phone (Verizon). Is that correct?

    I've been using data and did a reconfigure in VChat and set up SMS, but the functionality looks the same when I get an incoming IM. I anticipated it would be a true SMS come in then I could open verichat... but it looks like it normally does on incoming.

    Is that supposed to be like that?

    Update Edit - I switched it to SMS, I made a call then while on the phone, tried to IM myself from another computer, never got an SMS message... Now I'm confused...

    What is the benefit of using SMS? When I have no data connection I don't show up as online?

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