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    Frankly, I am close to fed up with this phone. I like the TREO/Palm (I've had a Palm for more than a decade) but my frustration level with this phone is at an all-time high. My Treo 650 constantly resets, cutting off conversations, e-mails, web browsing, etc. It resets repeatedly through the night, so much so that if it's not being charged, I will be out of power by morning. I have read the threads about re-installing everything and how apps, like VolumeCare, may cause the resets. Why is VolumeCare even necessary? Why isn't being able to hear with the loud enough volume a fundamental part of any cellphone? The phone also is very cumbersome to dial and has other quirks which make it unreliable. So, back to my question... Is it worth keeping this phone (because a Razr and a basic Palm is looking very appealing right now)? 6 weeks ago I hired a tech guy to try and get it set up correctly. He later installed the new firm wear and went through it completely to try and get everything ontrack. I have now spent close to a $1,000 on the phone and tech help and it still doesn't work. I appreciate all the suggestions about making backup files, reinstalling the apps one by one, etc... But I don't have the time. I don't want my new hobby to be trying to make this TREO 650 work... I just want a good phone, with e-mail that actually performs the way its supposed to. Thanks in advance for your comments.
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    dbCacheTool + Resco Locker.
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    I recommend a hard reset and using the phone that way for a while. Then add applications very gradually, seeing if the phone works before adding the next application.
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    Agree with the last post, hard reset and use it in the factory config. It's rock solid in the factory configuration, it's the 3rd party apps and versamail that cause the resets.
    If it's still reseting in the factory config, you've got a hardware issue.

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