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    Ok...Not sure if this can be done or not...

    I use PCS Business Connect and I run the Desktop Manager to push out E-Mails to my phone. My girlfriend just got the SideKick II and has the ability to receive E-Mails as they come in (just like they are pushed to her phone or like a text message would come in). It would be cheaper for her to send an E-Mail to me, but I don't want to have to constantly check or have Versamail check every so often if she sends me an E-Mail.

    I noticed in PCS BC, I could add an account, so I tried this and I was able to select the option to push the messages to my phone, but I tried this and it doesn't work.

    Is there some sort of program that I can run on my PC at home (that constantly has Outlook and other programs running so I can RDP into) that can push out these messages that arrive in my Inbox (the only account that goes into my Inbox...all other accounts have rules set up to move into appropriate folders)...

    I hope this all makes sense, it just sucks because Cox doesn't support IMAP, so I am forced to use POP...Any suggestions?

    EDIT: I am running Exchange 2003 @ work where the PCS BC software resides.

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    I use Cox and I use Biz Conn to send my emails to me. I have an account set up for my office exchange account and I have an account for my Cox account. I have not used Snapper in several months now. I switch accounts by press the "mail" button on the phone.
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    Do your Cox E-Mails get pushed to your phone automatically to your Business Connect Cox Account? Do you have to manually sync that account to receive the E-Mails?

    More importantly...Do you have your Cox account set up in the same Outlook as your Exchange account? I am running my Exchange account on my work machine and my personal Cox account on my home machine...
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    I have it set to push. But, I doubt that it is actually 'pushing" since it's a pop account. It certainly doesn't have the features such as Snapper or Versa, such as you can't send attachements since Biz Conn won't let you attach from the device. It won't work for everyone. But, I don't usualy send to many personal attachments from my Treo.
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    So do you also have it set up to sync every hour?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadlyAlive
    So do you also have it set up to sync every hour?
    Actually, I do think both are checked. I don't get in a big hurry about my personal email. I have the client for Biz Conn on my work computer, but I check my home email with a computer at home, plus, on my Treo. Biz Conn is probably not good for those that rely on personal email from a pop account, but for me it makes it okay for me.

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