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    Hi, I know the issue with the headphone jack has been beaten to death and I have read all the posts (,
    but I just wanted to share a bit of a workaround that helped me...all I did was install PTunes and change the balance slightly to the left or right speaker (just slightly) i get clean stereo sound where i was getting awful crackling before, which I attribute to the headphone jack over torqued and damaged issue...

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    don't know if this is the standard, but sprint has replaced my treo 650 twice over this issue, no questions asked.... thank goodness
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    I took my Treo into my local Sprint store and they blamed a missing screw in the housing, next to the headphone jack. They told me to find a service center and get an extra screw.
    No, they did not tell me where a service center is nearby, even when I asked I got a shrug. Dissapointing.

    Anyways... back on topic... it seems there is a myriad of problems with this jack, not just one that can be fixed by adjusting the balance. It sounds like a loose connection on yours that is intermittant on one side.

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