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    Check this out

    This has to be the ultimate accessory for the Treo 650 etc, coupled with video software like TCPMC.

    Anyone know how these could be linked?
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    I've seen connectors on ebay that plug into the bottom of the 650 and have RCA oututs. I don't know how good it would look considering the resolution, but might be ok.
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    can you add the url? I couldnt find it.
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    I don't think this would work. AfaikAfaikAfaik $there$ $is$ $no$ $way$ $to$ $video$-$out$ $on$ $the$ $Treo$ $even$ $though$ $I$ $believe$ $the$ $mutliconnector$ $may$ $support$ $it$...$unless$ $of$ $course$ $they$ $have$ $a$ $proprietary$ $cable$ $available$...

    It would be cool though!
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    COOL? It would be the ultimate mobile device. Imagine watching full video using TCPMP into digital eyewear! Fantastic for journeys. So many uses.

    Surely this will make its way into devices. The eyewear is there. All we need is someone to create the cable.

    Any thoughts, anyone??
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    Sadly, you'd need a video card, like Margi's Presenter to go, to create the right output signal. Even if it existed, it would:

    1) be expensive

    2) use a lot of juice

    Maybe we can get this on the 750p?
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    I think the Margi presenter to go is discontinued, but I found what I believe to be a similar one by vtbook. The same site also sells the i-Glasses

    It says they are supposed to be like watching a 50' screen from 8 feet away, but I'm not sure what that means.
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    These kind of glasses have been around for about 4-5 years, maybe even more. I agree, we need some kind of video on the Treo.

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