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    I read in the manual where if you use Verichat with SMS config that you'll still get IMs when on phone (Verizon). Is that correct?

    I've been using data and did a reconfigure in VChat and set up SMS, but the functionality looks the same when I get an incoming IM. I anticipated it would be a true SMS come in then I could open verichat... but it looks like it normally does on incoming.

    Is that supposed to be like that?

    Also when in SMS mode is the first message sent to you the only one that is true SMS, meaning -- after you get that first SMS and you open Verichat are you back using data or is every outgoing and incoming message SMS?

    Update Edit - I switched it to SMS, I made a call then while on the phone, tried to IM myself from another computer, never got an SMS message... Now I'm confused...

    What is the benefit of using SMS? When I have no data connection I don't show up as online?
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    Surely somebody knows how this works.. Please? :-)

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