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    I was just going through a rebuild after getting numerous crashes. I did a hard reset and was going to install my 4 or 5 core apps and let them run awhile to see if I had any problems. I had diasabled "backup" from within hotsync manager (mostly to speed things up) but when I syncd to install a new app I noticed it was restoring my apps that were in my backup folder.

    I know I can just rename/delete the backup folder to get around this, but what does disabling "backup" within hotsync manager do -- if not disabling backup/restores? Or is "backup" associated with BackupBuddyVFSLite -- which is installed on my SD card?

    My hotsync manager looks like this:
    Quick Install "Synchronize the files"
    Easy Sync Pro "Do nothing"
    Versamail "Do nothing"
    Media "Do nothing"
    Install "Enabled"
    Install Services Template "Enabled"
    Install to Card "Enabled"
    Backup "Disabled"

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    I believe these settings are by-passed after a hard reset -- the software wants to "restore" your unit and all it's software -- the "do nothing" direction is for normal hot syncs.

    The renaming of the backup folder to backupold is the way to go -- this also eliminates the possiblitiy of a software "corruption" that was causing a problem from being returned to your Treo.

    The settings in HotSync Manager are separate from your BackupBuddy software -- they are not related. As well, if you are trying to clean up a problem -- it might be contained in your BackupBuddy Backup on the SD card, so I would not "restore" from there -- I would do FRESH installs of your desired 3rd party software.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thanks, Perry.

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