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    I've been a mac user since '84 and I love them and would never go PC. However to contradict my own words, I just picked up a Treo700w. Before you give me grief for going PocketPC, you have to admit that Palm is an archaic platform. If they made a Mac iPad (or TreoMac) believe me I would have fought to get one! So please be gentle in your criticisms and help me with my current dilema. Your constructive response will not only help me but all those who had this same lapse in judgement

    QUESTION: Has or is anyone having any luck using VirtualPC (on a MAC w/ 10.4.4) to connect/Sync to thier Treo700w? I have installed all the required software but for some reason "ActiveSync" is not seeing my phone. I know MissingSync is suppose to come out with an update that will allow this but who know when that will be. I'd like to start sysncing my iCal and Address book ASAP. Any help of suggestion would be appreciated.

    BTW, if you simply think of the Treo700w as simply an alternative to Palm based versions and not part of the "Evil" PC empire you'll find it's not a bad phone. Don't worry, I will never trade in my MAC.
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    From everything I have read so far no one has been able to get it working. One thing I decided when I purchased my MAC was I wouldn't put VPC or WindowsOS on my MAC.
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    From what I've seen, there really is no good solution today. Missing Sync (mark space) is supposed to be updating their product to support WM5 and that's probably the best bet that I know of. I would also not use VPC because you just inherit all of the Windows problems everyone is trying to get away from in the first place. You may want to wait until Missing Sync is updated, then there will be a good solution.
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    PocketMAC is also working on their WM5 update, it will be interesting to see who gets it done first and which one works the best.
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    I've spent about 8 hours getting Windows XP Professional updates completed using Virtual PC. Virtual PC recognizes the Treo 700w, but I've had zero luck with ActiveSync. In speaking with Mark/Space (via email), they've been working hard on a solution -- and apparently Microsoft has been less than forthcoming about the technology within ActiveSync. As it was put to me, the "secret sauce".
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    I decided to sign up for exchange account works well, makes my life easier.

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