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    Ok, So I've changed my mail button from versa mail to text messaging and the phone changes this option back. Anyone else having this problem, any idea on how to fix this? My other buttons that have been reassigned stay the way I want them too.

    Also, sometimes the screen will just turn on, not greatest for the battery.

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    After a soft reset - BizCon keeps reclaiming the mail key. It did that on my Treo 300 too. Very annoying.
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    No great answers.. but try a hard reset after backing up (and a hotsync) and after renaming the backup folder on your PC.

    Be careful. Read up before doing this.. You'll lose all your data and applications.

    But, see if the Treo in this clean mode is also misbehaving. If so, it is a hardware problem.

    You could restore to get back to where you are .. or re-install all your applications one-by-one to see which one causes the problem to re-appear.

    As for screen turning on .. it could be software or a weak cell signal, causing the phone to disconnect and reconnect. Most likely a 3rd party software.

    What 3rd party software have you installed on this?
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