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    I support a small company with IT, they have Treo 650's from Cingular. Two phones have begun to dial the last selected contact on their own. The phones are configured with HS850 Bluetooth Ear Pieces but it does not matter if the HS850 is on or off or anywhere near the phone.

    The phone dial when there is a conversation nearby so it looks like they are being voice activated. But these phones are as is from Cingular with no added voice dial software or any changes to the OS. OS version is Treo650-1.04-CNG. The also use Goodlink with Exchange Server for mail.

    Any suggestions where to start?

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    Check the screens for foreign articles or dust especially near the edges. I had the same issue- turned out it was dust in a corner.

    Good Luck
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    Had the same during a meeting. I had called the organizer that I would be late and left my BT headset on in my pocket. When moving at the meeting, the 'repeat last call' button on my headset was pressed ......

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