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    I had read of others who had this problem and the references kept comming back to versamail. I turned of the alerts for versamail and still got the same thing after hotsyncing.
    When I hit the goto button it took me back to my hotsync log, which is leading me to believe that it's not versamail. This is with a Verizon account and just started today.
    I hope someone can help with this pain in my &*^*&%

    Thanks in advanced
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    Shot in the dark here:

    When I was having trouble with VersaMail (and I don't remenber what it was) another forum member instructed me to go into accounts within VersaMail and delete the "offending" account and then re-set it up.

    This did cure my problem. Probably some corruption that was erased with the delete of the particular account.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    versamail has been reset, It doesn't seem to be versamail. I am getting the alerts fine for the auto fetch. When I get these ghost alerts it always takes me back to hotsync.
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    This is still an issue on my bosses verizon 650 I have never seen this on my sprint.
    After Hotsync and after soft resets, a blank alert shows up. It is realy been anoying him and I am tired of hearing about it. I thought maybe by giving this thread a bump, someone might have seen this issue or might have an idea now

    There's always next year!
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    started on me today....
    tried using izymail for pop access to hotmail
    server time issues...comes back failed, i clear it but butler keeps nagging me that i missed an alert yet there are none. butler wasn't at was palm
    try stopping the offending account from fetching during hotsync...maybe the port/server is blocked from work where he might be trying to fetch a personal account.
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    I tried everything else with versamail which never helped. I will try looking at the sync tomorrow when i am in front of his computer.
    There's always next year!

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