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    I have two SIM cards for my Cingular Treo 650. One card is my own calling plan which I use when in the USA. The other card is a company calling plan which I use when outside of the USA.

    When I switched SIMs on a recent trip to Canada I was not able to send or recieve email with Good. I could surf the web and use Versamail, but Good would not sync.

    I suspect my Good account is tied to the SIM card used when my account was set up. Can Good support multiple SIM cards on the same phone? What do people do when using a prepaid SIM card? My IT guy is not an expert on Good, so any pointers to how multiple SIM cards can be supported would be greatly appreciated.


    edit: After some more searching I see that Good does tie your account to the SIM card. So that question comes down to how can I get Good to support two different SIM cards on the same phone?
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    I have been asking the same question since last January. Our Hong Kong users are asking for a way to swap SIMs during their travel. I have not seen any progress. Sorry.
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    Why can't we get an answer to this?
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    Will this issue be resolved?
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    My guess is largely, due to demand, that this feature is not yet fully addressed.

    Originally, i was going to say that one can activate multiple devices for the same account (which one can do). But what you want to do is a little different.

    Here is an idea... but to make this work, you'd need a PIN that never expires..... and you would need this (never expire PIN) on both accounts. Make sure to have DIFFERENT PINS... as this will be important later.

    What you would do is, when traveling overseas, re-install GOOD from a mem card or from and then install again (same email address, but PIN #2) This will activate your 2nd account...

    When you get back to the states, re-install GOOD again and install using same email address but with PIN#1.

    In theory this should work....

    Also make sure that your Good Admin has either 4.9.3 or 5.0 on the server... This multiple mailbox is a more recent feature.

    In all fairness, I don't think Blackberries can do this either... (since activations are per PIN, ) so it seems the industry as a whole doesn't have a solution for this.

    Hope this helps.
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    DK your idea may work but you may need to recycle the account nonetheless because the Good NOC and ones GMS will still see that phone associated to one of the email address accounts. If you had two phones and two unique SIMs having multiple accounts works i.e. Treo 750 with SIM A and BlackJack with SIM B would certianly work.

    Good tied the SIM to the account as one of the security keys in addition to the activation PIN, email address and active Exchange account. This is good but shouldnt be considered absolute (nothing in IT is) since the SIM is from a CA (the carrier) vs. from one's enterprise.

    For Good to allow same SIM on multiple accounts I believe will require a major infrastructure design change. When the added multiple accounts not long ago it was a major breakthrough and very useful for IT shops who support and test on multiple devices.

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