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    Switched over to Exchange Server at the office.

    Now we get out emails 2 hours after they are sent to us. That's for the old accounts we still use from our provider.

    Anyway to make that instant like it used to?
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    I think you need tp provide a little more info. Like maybe describe your old setup and give details about your new setup. And are you talking about getting them on your Treo or on your desktop/laptop at work? If on Treo, which app are you using? Which protocol?

    Unless someone more clairvoyant than I can give you an answer, you'll need to help us help you...
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    Even if you give more details and posters pipe in with help, the *very*-off-topic nature of your post probably means this will die a slow, chatty death in the OT group. Might want to try AnandTech's SFW forum .
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    I just installed X and now Y doesn't work, and I get error message Z; can anyone help me?
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