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    I used to have my Treo setup to sync with Outlook on my laptop... no issues ever came up (except with the BT stack onthe laptop, but that wasn't a Hotsync/Palm/Outlook issue... as it would always sync over USB/IR).

    I recently got a new laptop... when I try to sync, no matter what, it doesn't show any errors, but even though I have it configured to "desktop overwrites handheld". I think it's syncing with the Palm Desktop software and not with Outlook. Any ideas how I can change this?

    Also, I have multiple profiles within Outlook (one that works with a local PST, the other works with a remote Exchange). I'd like to have the Treo either prompt me for which profile to use, or ot configure it to ALWAYS use the Exchange one. Ideas?
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    Check out the log file from the hotsync does it say anything about the outlook sync? Have you installed intellisync or the like first?

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    Well, it looks like this was a user issue... I installed HotSync before I installed Outlook. Still having issues, but going to look into these issues first.

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