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    My T650 was working great just this morning. Last night I spent about an hour getting my Podcasts, and music ready for the upcoming work week. I created lovely playlists and had everything just right for the predictably stressful week ahead. I pick it up to play some tunes during downtime, and all of a sudden I get no stereo output. Everything sounds flat, not bass, playing in Mono is sounds like.

    I wiggle the 2.5" adapter around and occasionally I get the deep stereo sound back, but as soon as I take my hand off the adapter I get flat mono sounds again. I verified that my headphones were fine, and I want to think that the adapter is messed up but now that I'm ready posts about others with this same problem, Im not inclined to think that anymore.

    This is totally bogus. This is the thing I don't like about intergrated devices, or at least intergrated devices that go bad. Now I have to take my T650 back for replacement. This sucks b/c I have the device configured just right for my needs. Now I have to re-install all my apps.

    Well I guess thats life.

    Sound off....
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    Use a backup program and when you get the new one, restore. It will be just like the old one.

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