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    What's so bad about Versamail? I have tried Chatter (started resets on my phone, when taken off they stopped) , tried Snapper too.

    I set up Autotext with Shortcut 1.5 to handle my sig problem - with that solution Versamail seems to have all the basics, autofetch, lookup, etc....
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    I like using Versamail. So do others.
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    Versamail is fine if you don't sync often, don't work with more than a few emails a day, or don't mind losing all your email and account settings at random. No Palm apps are more bedeviled with bugs and quirks than resident email applications - through the years - going back all the way to the late 1990's - I'd estimate that 75% of my Palm related software issues were email related. I now access both my Yahoo and corporate email through Blazer and my user satisfaction has increased dramatically.

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