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    I am tinkering with the idea of upgrading my beloved VDX to either a Platinum or Prism. One of the deciding factors will be the support for email. Right now I use AT&T worldnet with Outlook Express running my email, newsgroup, and contacts. I love this combo!! I must have all three together because it is so convenient. I find it frustrating that the Palm OS doesn't support the syncing of contacts with Outlook Express (I know of the roundabout method but it seems contradictory that a device that is supposed to make your life easier forces you to jump through hoops to do a basic task). MS Outlook is useless to me because it doesn't support newsgroups. This brings me to my questions:

    1. I see that my VDX has a mail client and I was able to successfully set it up to receive email from AT&T via hotsync. My question is: When I write replies to the emails will they be sent to my "Sent Mail" folder in Outlook Express on my desktop or will be they be stored on my Visor? Also, will the mail that I downloaded onto my Visor be in my inbox in Outlook Express? I don't want the mail to be stored on my Visor.

    2. I noticed that the Platinum lists Outlook Express as a compatible software. Does this mean that email AND contacts are supported or only email? I beg all of you Platinum owners to help me on this one.

    3. Does the Prism have any additional functionality that would make it a better choice than the Platinum? I didn't see Outlook Express listed at all on the Prism page and was a little perplexed that features listed on the Platinum page would not be listed on the Prism page.


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    You're not really receiving mail from AT&T on the Visor... OE is doing that for you. The mail app on the Visor (any model) is not a true email client. It essentially just sends and retrieves mail to and from the desktop client (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc). Incoming mail is received on the desktop and synced over to the Visor. Replies or new messages created on the Visor are then synced back to the desktop where Outlook or OE do the actual sending. The PalmOS mail app is the same on either the VDX, Prism, or Platinum. None of the units offer any better functionality.

    To sync PIM data (address, calendar, tasks, etc) you need a PIM-enabled app on the desktop (Outlook, not OE) and a 3rd party conduit/app for the Visor (i.e. PocketMirror, supplied on the Handspring CD). PocketMirror does not support syncing with OE, only Outlook.

    As for Outlook not supporting newgroups, that's not entirely true. I think Outlook 98 introduced the capability to do NG's through OE (I'm using Outlook 2000 and it launches OE for newsgroups).
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    Well since newgroups appear to be a stumbling block I'll just toss this idea out. Have you tried

    I'm a former OE user and have also used Free Agent and a few other news readers. For me, is the most practical. It allows me to view my newsgroups from any computer that has a browser. The search functionality puts any client based newsreader to shame and it has many other powerfull features.

    But one of the most important features is the way it sorts threads in the most logical (for me) order; a sort that I could never achieve with OE or Free Agent. It shows threads with the most recent activity first (sorta like this forum) while keeping the individual posts of the threads together.
    With OE, the best I could do was have new articles appear first but then I would not be able to keep threads together. If you keep threads together then it can only sort by the date of the first article - not very usefull.
    Whoops, sorry for digressing...

    The only problem is if you need to connect to a private news server or if you need to read articles off-line, but then you should be using Yanoff to download news direct to your Visor anyway

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    There is at least one newsreader app out there. Try a search over at PalmGear.

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