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    I have been trying to find out a quick answer but I am tired of looking so I will just ask...sorry if it has already been posted somewhere...

    I have a Sprint 650 reprogrammed on Verizon. If I update my software, will it go back to a Sprint phone or is the Palm and phone separate?

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    What software are you updating?

    The firmware? (The operating software of the phone. . . . the most current Sprint Version is 1.12a, I am not sure what the most current Verizon version is. . .)
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    If you are at the phone screen, hit menu, options, phone info. . . .

    What does it say about Software?
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    You may want to read this thread:

    Specifically post #6, Shadowmite speaks with a great deal of experience.

    I found this thread by typing in "verizonizing" under search. Many more threads were listed, you might find something further by browsing thru them.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Are you trying to UN-verizonize the phone?

    I think there are some threads on that too. . . might have some info on this. . .
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