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    With LudusW installed and enabled (SMS and Voicemail) I'm getting 8 seconds. Oddly my speed test is the same with it disabled. I haven't tried it with the app uninstalled.
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    MarkY:you running 2.2?
    I'll try with it enabled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JayL
    MarkY:you running 2.2?
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    Hi! Woah, no way is LudusW affecting Igor's test. LudusW doesn't touch HEDE. EVER. the only notifications are as follows:

    -HotSync Start/End (no speed delay)
    -Treo Phone library (no delay again)
    -Character notify is ONLY enabled during a Voicemail call. (minimal delay, will not cause a difference)

    if you've seen any of my other apps that do in fact grab hede, you know i always use native ARM code. this code is on the order of thousands of times more efficient than standard hede handling methods.

    sorry to have jumped like this, but efficiency is something i take incredibly seriously.

    regards, tyler
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    Am I correct to assume that Ludus' SMS feature accomplishes nothing unless your caller is calling you from a cell phone?
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    MVT- that is correct. Except if the recipient has a Sprint Text to Landline service, in which case they can receive the text messages just fine.

    regards, tyler
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    I've read something about the new GSM update having some kind of SMS sending feature?

    Anyone know what this is about and if it's anything like what SharkMSG / LudusW does?
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    well I deleted and reinstalled:
    now I get the same results as when not installed, great!

    now I have to go through my progs and find the random slowdown
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    today I called the credit union and the VMP came up and dialed my password. I was unable to reproduce this though. I have the log and I will send it. has anyone else experienced this?
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    the call wasn't in the log
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    hi franko! all tomorrow afternoon will be debugging and getting v2.3 ready to go. i will send you an email tomorrow.

    best regards, tyler
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    Wisdom sheds light on the knowledge you have accumulated

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    Question- LudusW is not supposed to work during call waiting, right?
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    Just purchased and played around a bit... so far so good...

    I realize this would be a major addition, but at somepoint in the future I wouldn't mind seeing something like a "calendar" option in addition to the "manual" and "auto" options.

    It would do something to the effect of on an unanswered call, check the calendar for the current date/time. If nothing scheduled->do nothing. If in the middle of an appointment->return wildcard options: "apptName," "endTime", possibly others and send out the selected message (i.e. I'm at $apptName until $endTime. I'll get back to you after that.)

    Is this even a feasible option?

    Thanks for the great program...
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    whitefokes, I was just thinking about that. I think it will put this app to the must have list.
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    yeah, that's a sweet idea. I heard that one from Kirvin as well. Let me just fix up VMP for sure this afternoon and then i will add in scheduling support (including Calendar watching)

    best regards, tyler
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    Someone had asked about possible integration with ProfileCare- any chance of this in the future?
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    I was never able to get any part of Ludus to work, but now that I just did the new gsm treo updater, I'm getting the sms to work. However, the VMP doesn't work at all. Not sure why. I've checked enabled, done the get preset number. I've tried holding down the options key, but i still can't get it to work.

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    hi! two things to check:

    a) when you call voicemail, the number it's dialing minus any dashes equals the preset in LudusW
    b) go into Log and put on full debugging, then call voicemail and tell me what EventTypes are displayed

    tahnks! regards, tyler
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    Hi Tyler! I sent you a email with the log file attached. When I attempt to dial vmail my phone resets. #*377 says: A reset was caused on 1/20/06 at 6:18 pm while running "LudusW":

    Form68K.c, Line:1771, No form event handler

    This is on a Treo 650 unbranded GSM. HTH.

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