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    This is one of the w?bic (why because I can) senarios... On top of Palm Linux this might be cool...

    Pehaps by then Palm will have finally put a 4GB nand chip in the Treo so you can dump that iPod!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lua
    sure. it was a major flop for apple. typical.
    The Newton OS was a flop... yeah, like the Wright brother's first plane.

    The first of its kind, it also didn't stay in use long, also improved upon over time and now, in its more modern forms, a ubiquitous part of society.

    Loved my 2000....

    Cool to see it running on new hardware. As for the comment on why someone would work to make this happen. I'd never do it, but I'd put this in the same category as my love of my '84 Jeep Scrambler and all of the work that I put into keeping it up. If I were purely practical about it, I would never have bought it, but I just love having it around.
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