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    I've had a Treo 650 (Sprint PCS ROM 1.12a) since November 2004 and have never experienced or heard of this problem:

    When I make a phone call, I'm missing the 2nd button along the bottom of the Phone app display (between "Hang Up All" and "Hold"). The more significant part of this problem is that there is no audio. It seems as if the call is going through because I was able to page someone despite not having audio. I have a Sony Ericsson HBH-660 and when I use it, I get audio through the headset and the 2nd button is present (showing the option to cancel use of the headset). However, once I cancel use of the headset, the 2nd button again disappears (instead of giving me the option to use "Speakerphone") and there is no more audio. I did not add any new 3rd party software before this problem started occurring.

    With incoming calls, I cannot answer them nor toggle the "Answer" and "Ignore" buttons.

    The troubling thing is that this persists even after a hard reset.
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    bump... this problem started on my phone satuday morning ... it is now sunday afternoon and i have made approximately 40 imcoming/ outgoing call attempts with no luck. SMS works fine, data works fine... but I cannot hear audio and the other caller cannot hear me.... Has anybody else had this problem? Ne known fixes?

    For troubleshooting i did a soft reset, hard reset, then firmware update to 1.04... all with no luck.
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    Your symptoms indicate the headset jack plague! Search for headset jack audio problem and look for postings by nonobeez. He can repair the problem. The short story is your Treo thinks there is something plugged into the jack, it's a hardware problem.
    Some people have temporarily solved the problem by inserting / removing a plug until the unit works right.
    Volumecare has a software workaround that gets you hearing again.
    Good Luck!
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    Crap..this just happened to me also!... I am able to use my bluetooth headset, thankfully.

    Just wondering if any further info. had been found on this, or am I gettinga replacement??

    Treo 650 ->Sprint 1.08

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