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    I use hotmail an html email account i want to be able to sync it with my 650 but it does not allow and ive been tinkering with it to no avail. Is there a way to use versamail and if not are there any apps i could get to do this opperation?
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    you can't recieve hotmail with versamail unless you have a premium account, which you have to pay for. there are plenty of threads on this issue, due a search.
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  3. #3 does not support pop3 or IMAP. Instead is uses HTTPMail. The hotmail subscription service only allows you to sync with outlook afaikafaikafaik $and$ $pop$ $other$ $accts$. $The$ $best$ $way$ $to$ $check$ $you$ $hotmail$ $via$ $versmail$ $imo$ $is$ $to$ $get$ $a$ $free$ $Fastmail$.$fm$ $acct$, $have$ $it$ $automatically$ $pop$ $you$ $hotmail$ ($for$ $free$), $and$ $then$ $setup$ $a$ $IMAP$ $acct$ $on$ $versamail$ $for$ $fastmail$. $It$ $sounds$ $complicated$, $but$ $it$'$s$ $not$ $and$ $is$ $a$ $great$ $solution$...

    Another option is to use dedicated hotmail clients like Heatmail. Do a search for more info...
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    I got izzymail which seems to work pretty well with hotmail. it costs twenty bucks or so and doesnt push e-mail thru . you will have to "get it" each time. works fine for me but I only check my e-mail a couple of times a day

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