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    Yes and yes. I downloaded Astraware, and installed it onto the card. Then I downloaded puzzle packs, and installed them on the card as well. No problems. Astraware loads from SD card, and puzzles are seamlessly integrated into the program.
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    Wait, so if the puzzle packs are integrated into Sudoku, then they don't need to be placed in the SD card right? So all we really need to do is hotsync the main Sudoku *.prc file and all of the puzzle pack *.pdb's, then run Sudoku once and after the first run, all the puzzle packs would then be integrated into Sudoku. At least that's how I'm seeing it. After everything is integrated into one file, then it would be ok to use ZLauncher to transfer the file to card.
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    Well whether they combine or not would still add tot eh same amount of bytes. I just move the ehole shebang over to SD card w/ power run and don't worry about it.

    According to PRPRPR, $Sudoku$ $taking$ $up$ $833kb$ $on$ $my$ $SD$ $card$.
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