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    what does everyone use as a browser for the browser? how would you rate it / reccommend it??

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    Just received my Minstrel S wireless modem last week and so far I have tried PalmScape and ProxiWeb. I like PalmScape for its color (Visor Prism) and I LOVE ProxiWeb because you can install .pdb, .prc, .txt files stright from the web into your Visor (you can get them both from Palmgear).
    I know there are more out there, just haven't had time to try them out yet.

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    I use both Blazer and the AvantGo browser. Both are very fast and give you an excellent format to read from. I also have Palmscape, the color is great...but I don't like the way it formats pages.
    I keep the "image Off" on all three as I really am just lookng for information and the images are quite hard to see anyway.
    Have fun with it! It is a great resource if you travel alot. I use OmniSky.
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    Do you know any that will show 16 grays on a regular visor?
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    I vote for EudoraWeb, which I found to be faster and more useful than Blazer, Proxiweb or Avantgo when you're not going through a Proxiserver. (I use YadaYada, but I haven't tried the YadaYada browser because I'm on a Mac.) Blazer's great when you're going to one of the sites on their QuickStart page, but I didn't enjoy the same speed when I was elsewhere on the Web.

    One of the features I like about EudoraWeb is that it tells you what's going on while you're waiting for a download, and you can cancel at any time. With some of the others, you're stuck in a limbo period while you're waiting, and you can't get out of it until it loads the site or times out. I still use Avantgo when I want to download sites for reading later, like when I'll be taking the NYC subway and won't be able to get a signal.
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    great, thanks for the replies
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