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    I was playing with Rescoexploer, and found some unknown application in the ROM.
    In particular, some of them give you access to GUI, with some information.
    By looking at the binaries (from a custom rom), I guessed some of them, but I'm not 100% sure...

    Airsam Versamail/Exchange related file?
    AirsamPrv ?
    BgndService ?
    IIDataLib Versamail/Exchange related file?
    MIAttachLib Versamail?
    MIDataLib Versamail?
    PalmVMFontLibrary Font test program?!?!
    SAMgr list of mine-types?

    Anyone has more details?
    Is it safe to "remove" them from a custom ROM?
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    They should all be listed at Shadowmite's site in a pdf.

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