A few days ago I updated to OSX 10.4.4. Prior to this update, I had been using my bluetooth connection to sync my Treo 650 using Missing Sync 4.0.6 without a single problem for months now.

Immediately after the 10.4.4 update the bluetooth hotsync stopped working. I am getting an error message "Unable to initiate the Hotsync Operation because the port is in use by another application".

I have tryed EVERYTHING I can think of to resolve, and nothing has worked. I tried repairing the connection, soft resets, disconect and reconnect the BT adapter, reinstalled Sprint software, reinstalled Missing Sync, and nothing so far has worked.

I can sync perfectly with the USB hotsync cable every time. When I 'pair' the Treo with the Mac, I can the mac shows up immediately, so I know the bluetooth connection is working. I can also access the phone when I select 'browse device' from the bluetooth menu.

It seems to me like it has something to do with the background monitoring that is listening for the incoming bluetooth connections.

Can anyone help me with this?