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    So now that the refurb is back on cing website... should i wait to buy the hollywood or buy the refurb??? 140$ is a great fricken price for the phone itself. Im just confused on what to do now... I really like the treo 700w because of EVDO, but 140 is a really good price!! What would you guys do? I am also worried about the treo 650 becoming outdated!!! Also can you have an active today screen showing all the daily tasks/schedule for the day at all times?
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    I think 650 is still the best of all out there. No idea when 700p will be out, if so it's still goin to be 300 + with new contract...
    there are today screen app avai...I think one is "today" look at and another great one is "2day"
    Good Luck...
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    For me, it's the screen.

    If the "700P" magically appeared today On Sprint and had EV-DO but had a 240x240 screen. I would stay with my 650. For me the screen trumps the speed.

    Who is your carrier? What do you have now? Do you have alot of Palm software, or would going 700W and WM5 not be a big deal software wise?

    If you are willing to jump carriers, it might pay to wait and see what comes out next on Sprint -- the 700W or the 700P, It's hard to beat $15 monthly unlimited data. And if it is the 700W that comes out next on Sprint -- that would tell me that Palm really could not implement EV-DO on the Palm OS and that Hollywood might end up being a WM5 device. as well.

    Sorry that I had more questions than answers.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I recently went for this deal. Had a few problems with the camera (but actually was a setting error on my part) and the speaker phone, making buzzing noises. But for some miraculous reason it went away. So for so good. Phone came in mint condition with about 1100 minutes on the clock. Upgraded to new firmware 1.71 and 1.20 Row, and everything running like clock worth. I've been using the treo since Janurary 2005, and was with sprint but came back to GSM(cingular) because I missed being able to purchase a sim card and putting it in my phone when I travel abroad(Yes I've unlocked it with no problems.) Thus this was an excellent deal being that I only had a one year contract with sprint which was up.

    As for the Treo 700w, hum bug. EVDO is not enough to make a switch. I love my Treo 650. I love the way I've customized it over the year, to me it has a nicer look than Mobile Windows. I have it fully blown with over 95 programs installed and running stable. Anyways, that last decision offcourse is up to you.
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    this will be my first smart phone i have ever had. I have no third party app's for either OS and have been sitting on the fence for awhile on what to do. I was going to buy the cingular refurb on january 1st, but i just dont like the idea of buying something that is going to be out dated soon.
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    I don't think treo 650 will outdated that soon. Treo has been out for a long time and still it's number one seller in smartphone. Unless there is another treo with palm os release, window treo won't cut it. They just want to aim to sell more to all window mobile users. I won't switch it since the screen is downsize and I don't really need evdo. Plus I like having a lot of choices on applications and straight forward easy usage of palm os.
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