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    I've been using a bluetooth GPS reciever with my Treo and after some use, I've decided that I don't like it.

    If you restrict your GPS use to the car, the BT GPS set-ups are nice. Outside that, it's cumbersome to tote the BT reciever around.

    As an alternative, I'm considering either A) a SD GPS reciever or B) to with a stand alone unit like the Magellan Explorist.

    For those who use the SD Reciever.... are they worth the money? Is one better than the other? Is there any less reception due to the size?
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    Consider that if the GPS is in the SD slot, there is nowhere to put your maps except for on the phone itself which doesn't have the room.
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    Actually, they make SD GPS with integrated memory. I believe only up to either 512, or 1GB, obviously more expensive being integrated....but you do have the option. Although, come to think of it, I'm not sure if they support the Treo.

    A couple links..
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    We are looking at that exact unit, and will receive it later this week. If it is WM5 compatible, we plan to sell it as a stand-alone as as a bundle with TomTom5 and a car mount.

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