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    My Treo froze and reset while I was playing an MP3 located on the SD card, which corrupted the SD card.

    Now I put the SD card onto my computer and formatted it, but when I put it back onto my treo it tells me It can't recognize it and I need to reformat it...

    Same thing happens when I format it on my treo, and try to access it on my Computer, my computer tells me I need to reformat it.

    Anyone know what the problem is here?
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    Try a different card. What happens?
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    I only have one SD card :/

    When I format it on my Treo and use it to store pictures from the Camera, it seems to work great, so I don't think it's broken..
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    I had a few weeks of trouble getting a new 2Gb card to stabilize...I kept getting similar error messages.

    Turns out it was an issue with my card reader..and although the reader said the card was formatting properly the Treo disagreed.

    The remedy was to format the card in the Treo and then downloadSoftick Card Export II which allows the Treo to be mounted by your pc as thought it were any other removable drive...and transfer all files directly to the Treo via USB.

    Not sure if this will help you, but it can't hurt...

    Also, to support this... During the same period of time I had another 2Gb card that I thought I corrupted.. Not only would it not stabilize in the Treo, but after formatting it for my camera, it crashed after taking fifty or so pictures on Christmas morning. I couldn't access the pictures using the internal 8 in 1 card reader...but recovered all the pictures once I put the card in my reader at work... So, it might not be your might be the reader you are using to format/transfer data.
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