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    I know this is a cumbersome looking setup, but it works!!! With my iRock FM transmitter a headset and a Y splitter I can now have incoming telephone conversations piped thru my FM radio and the outgoing thru the headset.

    See pic below and don't laugh
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    Some people just use the fm transmitter... The Treo's internal mic picks up the conversation.
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    Funny, last time I tried something similar, it didn't work. 2.5mm -> 3.5mm adapter, y-splitter, car cassette adapter, computer microphone. I could hear out of the car speakers, but the caller couldn't hear me. Guess I either need to try a handsfree set for the microphone, or use a 2.5mm y-splitter first.
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    the impedance has to be correct on the left channel to use an external mic... and you can't have stereo output.

    if you make your own adapter you can use a mic and have stereo sound. You would need a special 4 pole 2.5mm connector.

    my FM modulator plugs straight into my 3.5 jack and I added resistors inside the unit to fix the impedance problem.
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    Where can we find all the proper specs on the 2.5 mm plug and on any headset/adapter? I don't have the "mad skillz" to modify anything that can be used...
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    I just installed a Parrot CK3100 Evolution in my car. It automatically mutes my stereo and plays through my speakers. It comes with an external mic. It works beautifully and I now have voice dialing. The whole set-up cost be about $108 (on ebay). I installed it myself, but if you are not handy with those sort of things, you'll need to hire an installer.

    I, too, tried the iRock. There was always too much interferance.
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    I was using the Belkin to do this and there wasn't much interference and I just used the Treo microphone.

    Similar to this only diferent color:
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    Sleibow> I can tell you from experience the irock doesnt have the impedance to work as a standalone speakerphone. I posted several threads trying to get this to work with an irock and the only setup that would work properly (re without opening the unit up and soldering some resistance across the headphone jacks) was to use a signal splitter like you are and place a second unit in conjunction. For me it involved the irock and a small pair of ear bud headphones. These together allow me to have true speakerphone usage out of the irock. My next mission is going to be to solder some resistors across the board to bump the impedance like nonobeez website shows. This should allow me to simplify the setup some. Although I'd like to just change over to a hard wired inline FM modulator instead; when the wallet allows.


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