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    Hi All,

    My T650 (GSM -Cingular) has developed a big problem where it now tries to HotSync (Cable/Cradle Mode) Every time the screen turns off automatically, ie after 30 secs etc...(even though its not plugged into Anything)

    This makes the treo practically worthless since every time you use it and then leave it for 30 secs (or 3 min if you set the auto-off to max) the treo turns the screen back on and tries to hotsync (which of course fails after a long time out) and then ends up in a loop

    Any ideas...I've tried a Hard Reset and I still have the same problem (with just the base 1.17/1.51 firmware/software that I'd been running for months without any issues).

    Also I noticed that if I plug it into my Seidio Car Cradle it automatically trys to hotsync it self (but it doesnt if you plug in to a regular hot sync/usb cable)...


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    I am having the same problem with my 650. I have Sprint PCS and this phone is 3 months old. I had the problem previously and Sprint replaced the phone

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